Pathway Village

Pathway Village uses two different innovative ideas to foster strategic change in how family homelessness is addressed. The village design eliminates typical shelter restrictions that often prevent certain families from receiving help. Combined with ...

Ministry Metamorphosis

In November 2020, Pathway’s Board of Directors approved its most ambitious undertaking so far, approving plans and launching a capital campaign that would eventually result in Pathway Village.

Healing the Brokenhearted

Many people have preconceived ideas about the nature of homelessness in general, and moreover about homeless people.

Rachel's Story

Our lives can take unexpected twists and turns, landing us perilously off-course before we know it.

REBOOT Leadership Graduates

Greenwood Pathway House is providing wholistic trauma-informed care that is designed to help people overcome homelessness permanently.

From Homeless to Home Owner

God still performs miracles and we are privileged at Pathway House to see Him do it on a regular basis. We think you will be blessed by her amazing testimony of how God took her from homeless to home owner.

A Thanksgiving Message from Our Clients

A Thanksgiving message to all of our meal volunteers and donors from the clients at Greenwood Pathway House. We are very thankful for everyone that supports our ministry and for the amazing people that give of their time and talents to prepare meals ...

Unveiling Homelessness Part 1

Few could deny that everyone has been tossed around in some rocky seas these past months since March. In fact, unease continues around the Country and indeed well beyond our shores.

Greenwood Pathway House Ministry Update

The last 90 days have been a challenging time for our community and the nonprofit agencies that serve our community. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we operate and how we communicate within our community.