Pathway Village

Pathway Village uses two different innovative ideas to foster strategic change in how family homelessness is addressed. The village design eliminates typical shelter restrictions that often prevent certain families from receiving help. Combined with Post-Traumatic Growth, the village creates a synergistic impact that empowers families to overcome homelessness permanently. 


In the last three years, Greenwood Pathway House turned away 326 parents with 715 children due to a lack of bed space and no way to help fathers with children, mothers with teenage sons and parents with more than three children.

That lead us to build Pathway Village.

Pathway Village uses a state park concept to eliminate typical shelter restrictions that prevent certain families from receiving help. Each family is assigned to a cottage that serves as their sleeping area.

The cottages have an access control and security system to ensure that no one else can access the cottage. This allows a father with a child to be in one cottage and a mother with a teenage son to be in another cottage.

The Hub Building serves as the activity building for Pathway Village and includes a dining facility, laundromat, counseling office, learning center, and activity area.

Greenwood Pathway House understands that a "cookie-cutter" pathway out of trauma and homelessness is ineffective. Every person we serve requires customized support and trauma-specific wellness programs.

We have also developed a network of more than 227 other community organizations that partner with us to provide individualized wrap-around services.

The trauma-specific wellness services at Pathway Village are built around the ten objectives needed to achieve Post-Traumatic Growth.

Pathway Village provides a compassionate, trauma-informed community where children and their parents can thrive because they feel safe, supported, encouraged, and valued.

We are already seeing the benefits of our new program.

In the first month, we were able to help our first ever father with a child, two mothers with teenage sons and two families with more than three children.

In just two months, we have already doubled the number of children that we served last year.

2 families have already moved into their own home.

31 parents and children have accomplished an education goal.

22 parents have accomplished a parenting goal.

Pathway Village truly is a model of how to reintegrate homeless families as thriving members of our community.


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