Greenwood Pathway House

Greenwood Pathway House

Overcoming Homelessness

No one tells a story like God tells a story!  We all like them don’t we?  Most of us can’t wait to get lost in a good story; be it a novel, a movie, something on television or maybe online.  But none of these can favorably compare with the real life version of things…our lives…each one a vital player, an indispensable character in God’s magnificent eternal story. And it is a story that often involves some tragedy on the way to triumph.

Homelessness is a tragedy frequently misunderstood.  It is not about a lack of affordable housing, it’s about broken people—people of all stripes— young and old, from all sorts of backgrounds, with all levels of education, varieties of talents, interests and life experiences.  And each one has “a story” all his own, or her own, as unique as one’s fingerprints. 

Homeless is not a person’s identity, it merely describes a condition of circumstances.  Most often it’s temporary— it always has a cause, and it likewise has a cure.  A broken cup in our kitchen doesn’t just happen, right? Something causes it to break; and it’s the same with people. 

A common thread always present in God’s story is renewal. Yes, rebirth, resurrection, repurposing; in other words, making good out of situations that may not seem very good at all.  One might say that God fixes things that are broken, but in a way that only He can:

He repairs circumstances by repairing people.

Pathway works with each client as an individual, based on his or her own “story”, and we tailor a case plan according to what works best for that client. By forming strong, trusting relationships with those in our care, we can usually isolate what has caused the brokenness; then God does the mending using our hands—and yours.  We are so grateful for Pathway’s phenomenal growth since 2014, and we’re excited about how God will expand the reach & effectiveness of this ministry in the coming years.

We invite you to learn more about us by navigating our site, visiting our Facebook page, or dropping by for a tour around our campus.  We are working on a new blog that will provide a more interactive space where you can read current news about some of our clients, and about how God is changing their lives here at Pathway House.