Lakelands Regional Charity Tracker Network

Greenwood Pathway House, Greater Greenwood United Ministry, and NewSpring Church have partnered to establish the Lakelands Regional Charity Tracker Network.

The network will allow all human service agencies, churches, and emergency managers to work collaboratively to share information and resources to help those in need.

The network is being funded by generous donors in our community. This allows local agencies to join the network at no cost.

Charity Tracker is a cloud-based service being used by 1,766 cities throughout the United States to maximize their efficiency while helping others. It is a shared case management application that tracks the assistance history of the people helped and measures the outcomes of the assistance.

Charity Tracker is HIPAA compliant, volunteer friendly, and uses a 256bit SSL encryption that is the same internet security methods used by banks and the federal government.

“We are very excited about being connected to Charity Tracker.  Not only will we have a database of those assisted through the Crisis Ministry, but it will be a great way for GGUM to share particular crisis client needs with our many partner churches.” – Rosemary Bell, Executive Director of Greater Greenwood United Ministry

The Lakelands Regional Charity Tracker Network will also improve our ability to communicate during a natural disaster or crisis. The network provides the ability for emergency managers and local agencies to broadcast area-wide bulletins or alerts, collaborate with nonprofits and churches, share resources, and reduce duplication of services.

Simon Solutions, Inc., the Alabama based creator of Charity Tracker, aided in making the Lakelands Regional Charity Tracker Network possible. They offered a special program rate to Greenwood Pathway House that will allow up to 50 agencies to use the Charity Tracker network for the annual cost of one agency.

Generous donors from Greenwood paid for the first two years of operation and local agencies will be sharing in the future cost of the network.

Every agency or church that helps people in Abbeville, Edgefield, Greenwood, Laurens, McCormick, Newberry, or Saluda counties will be able to establish their own page and share information with the other network partners.

Each agency will be able to manage client assistance records, make referrals, measure outcomes, generate reports and create assessments.

“The network will allow Greenwood Pathway House to enroll a client in our homeless shelter and send an online referral to Greater Greenwood United Ministry (GGUM) to schedule an appointment for a medical screening.

When the client shows up for their appointment, GGUM will already have all the client’s basic information. GGUM can then enter a health goal for the client to work on and both Pathway and GGUM can help the client achieve the desired outcome.

The Charity Tracker Network is a paradigm shift in how local agencies and churches work together to help the people that need it the most.” – Anthony Price, Executive Director of Greenwood Pathway House.

Greenwood Pathway House serves as the network administrator and will be responsible for adding agencies to the network, adding shared assistance categories, and performing routine network maintenance. Greenwood Pathway House also serves as the point of contact for the special program rate provided by Simon Solutions.

Agency directors or church leaders can go to for more information on Charity Tracker and the Lakelands Regional Network.

A contact link will be provided for agencies and churches to contact the Network Administrator if they need more information or if they would like to join the partnership to fund the network.

Each agency or church will need to designate an agency administrator for the network that will be responsible for joining the network and setting up their page.

Agency administrators can go to  for a link to join the network. The agency administrator will need to provide their email address and information about the types of services they provide.